Raspberry Pi - Oracle Java SE 7 (JDK/JVM) Now Pre-Installed on Raspbian
Tuesday, October 1, 2013 at 11:04PM
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My Raspberry Pi just got a whole lot *sweeter*.

While attending JavaOne this year, Oracle announced that the Raspberry Pi foundation would soon start shipping the Oracle JDK/JVM (Java) baked into the Raspbian distribution.

Here was the official announcement on raspberrypi.org:

And a day later new images were posted for download that include Oracle Java SE fully "baked in".

You can download the latest Raspian image that includes Oracle Java SE 7 here:

Here is a slide (photo) from the JavaOne Community Keynote where this was announced.

Photo by @yarasenger

Its a real treat to flash and boot up a fresh Raspberry Pi (Raspbian) image and Java be there without requiring additional steps to install it.

Java SE 8 - Developer Preview

If you prefer to install the JDK8 developer preview/early access version, please see this page:
Install Oracle Java SE8 (Milestone 8) Developer Preview (JDK)

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