Raspberry Pi - Pi4J Version 0.0.5 Released!
Tuesday, March 19, 2013 at 9:00AM
Robert Savage in Embedded Computing, Java, Pi4J, Raspberry Pi, Raspberry Pi, java, pi4j

Pi4J Version 0.0.5 is now released!


Pi4J Version 0.0.5 is now released and it has been a stable build for quite some time.  Users of previous versions are encouraged to upgrade to this latest build.  This release includes a number of bug fixes (see below), new features, and added support for add-on accessory boards and GPIO expander chips.  This version also introduces a component abstraction layer where interfaces are defined for components such as Relays, Lights, Switches, and LCD displays.     

Documentation and examples can be found at the Pi4J Website:

Pi4J downloads are available here:

This version is also available at Maven Central:  

Fixed/resolved issues are included via the link below:

Release notes are included in the readme:

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