Pi4J - Version 0.0.4 Released!
Monday, December 17, 2012 at 7:52PM
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Announcing the release of Version 0.0.4 of the Pi4J project!

Version 0.0.4 is the first "official" release of the Pi4J project.  Development snapshot builds have been available since September but now an official release is available complete with an installer and a number of sample projects to help you get started.    

Project Summary

This project is intended to provide a bridge between the native hardware and Java for full access to the Raspberry Pi in with a Java-friendly object-oriented approach.  Pi4J provides a set of advanced features that make working with the Raspberry Pi an easy to implement and more convenient experience for Java developers.   

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Pi4J Project Website

The Pi4J website content has been updated with instructions and examples for 0.0.4.

Follow @Pi4J on Twitter

The Pi4J project now posts announcements on Twitter.  
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Pi4J Google Groups - Forums

The Pi4J project has started a Pi4J Google Groups forum for community discussions on Pi4J project development.

Raspberry Pi Java Forums

For general questions and support try posting to the Java topic on the Raspberry Pi community forums:

New Installation Package

Version 0.0.4 introduces a new installer package that makes it easy to install the Pi4J libraries and examples on a Raspbian / Debian OS distribution.  See the link below for instructions on downloading and installing Pi4J.

Maven Central

With the release of 0.0.4, the Pi4J project artifacts are now available on Maven Central:

Release Notes - Version 0.0.4

2012-12-16 :: 0.0.4

>> Click here to see the full: Release Notes

Getting Started

To get started using the Pi4J library, please see the Usage page and review each of the examples to explore the functionality provided by the Pi4j library.

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